About Food Security VRE About Food Security VRE

The Food Security VRE is a tool for phenotyping researchers to collaborate and share data, data analysis treatment. It is a virtual working environment with different tools that researchers are used to work with to analyze their data but it also provides tools to facilitate the collaboration in the community (datasets and analytics processes sharing, graphical charts sharing).

Target Users:

This VRE is designed for plant scientists and more specifically phenotyping scientists to give them easy access to data from several phenotyping platforms and to provide them data analytics and visualization tools.


The Food Security VRE is a virtual working environment accessible on-line from any machine. It enables to access data discovery, storing, sharing, access, analysis, visualization services through a single environment. It also provides powerful on-line computing resources in order to be able to analyze big datasets. This environment is collaborative: anyone can share its own data and analytics processes, making them available to the whole community.

Terms of Use:

The registration to the Food Security VRE is open to anybody but moderated by the VRE manager. Click on "Request Access". The VRE manager will receive your request and evaluate whether to grant you access.


Data, data analytics, visualization, Big Data

Main Services & Functionalities:

The main functionnalities delivered by this VRE are :

  • Standard collaboration features such as file sharing and message posting
  • E-infrastructure service to import algorithms that can be run by any user
  • Access to public PhenoArch data returning CSV files.
  • Visualization tool to draw charts from csv files data.
  • Workflow designing Galaxy server
  • Semantics tools for ontology management, matching and data linking


Access Food Security VRE Access Food Security VRE

The FoodSecurity VRE is available to authorised members only. To request membership please click on the button below.