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Global Foodsource Identifier (GFI) is a restricted-access virtual research environment designed for the global community that investigates foodborne outbreaks. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive and harmonised framework for the international sharing of microbial typing results from foodborne outbreaks, and to facilitate the collaboration and interaction between outbreak investigators, globally. The systematic data sharing by GFI members leads to the compilation of an extensive catalogue of outbreak data including detailed typing information of the causative agent, epidemiological data and the identified food source for every record. Such data may support future outbreak investigations among the GFI community by potentially suggesting suspect food items at an early stage, according to the identification of the same pathogen type in past outbreaks.


GFI includes a searchable data catalogue which is maintained by the contribution of the community members. The catalogue can be searched for records of past outbreaks where a specific foodborne pathogen type (e.g. serotype, PFGE, MLVA, MLST, etc) has been identified, a specific country has been affected, or a specific setting or food source has been involved.


GFI also offers the possibilities to:

interact in real-time through a social networking area

import the catalogue data into Rstudio or Jupyter Notebook for analysis

relevant documentation and the results of data analysis can be disseminated to other users in a shared workspace


This VRE was originally conceived within the research project COMPARE, which represents a multidisciplinary effort to enable global data sharing and analytics for the rapid identification, containment and mitigation of emerging infectious diseases and foodborne outbreaks.


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