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The DEMETER VRE is available to authorised members only.To request membership please click on <Button>If you already have AGINFRA+ Gateway credentials and are a member of it, you can 

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The DEMETER project has been initiated to support the current EFSA procedure for emerging risks identification by establishing a collaborative platform to allow EU member states and EFSA to share data, knowledge and methods for the identification of emerging food-related risk. DEMETER will develop a shared vision of a Collaborative Emerging Risk Knowledge Exchange Framework and indicate how the methods and tools, as developed within DEMETER, fit into this shared vision.


Keywords: Food Safety, Modelling, Virtual Research Environments, Risk Assessment, Model Repository, Diseases

Targeted end users

The ERKEP (Emerging Risk Knowledge Exchange Platform) framework is intended to act as a key source of knowledge for a range of different stakeholders that are actively engaged or interested in the identification and monitoring of emerging food risks and their drivers. Hence, there are stakeholders that actively shape the issue / risk identification process and act as end-users of the ERKEP framework. Those are often directly involved in food safety procedures and policy as outlined in the EFSA risk identification process. In addition, there are stakeholders being more broadly affected by the hazards, risks and drivers identified. Involved Stakeholders include inter alia:


  • Emerging Risks Exchange Network (EREN) members
  • Focal Points
  • EFSA Advisory Forum
European bodies
  • Directorate General
  • European Parliament Committees
  • European Medicines Agency
  • Chemicals Agency
  • European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
  • Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks
  • Discussion Group on Emerging Risks
  • International Organizations



The DEMETER VRE will support the early identification of issues in the food (and feed) chain. Therefore, it is planned to set up this VRE as a knowledge exchange portal for this area. As a specific feature it is planned to demonstrate how KNIME-based data mining workflows can be shared and applied from within the VRE..




Silebat News Radar

The Silebat - Newsradar is a service to provide daily News about food safety, health and emerging risks

Twitter sentiment analyses

This service provides easy access to the Twitter-API for sentiment analyses in the context of food safety.


In order to make sentiment analyses, you will need to register on Twitter, and provide api key & secret, and acces & secret Token

EPPO database mining

The EPPO database mining service provides easy access to the EPPO Global Database to mine pest-specific informations.


In order to mine EPPO database you first need to make free registration Data Services.

PUBMED abstracts

Tool to download abstracts from PUBMED database


In order to create complex queries please refer to Entrez Help.

Please also notice, that this workflow works on public server, thus we decided to restrict it to download only first 100 records from PUBMED, to avoid bans for overusing service.


A script book for R beginers

The script book with R basics with regard to Risk Assessment

DEMETER Glossary

The shared DEMETER glossary in the VRE Wiki